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Jenifer Renjini


Never Give Up

… is the Quote that impressed me

William Shakespeare, Charles Dickens…..

are the Authors that inspire me

Badminton and Music

… summarizes my passion in life

Brief Info about Jenifer Renjini +

Quality Control Manager, WhiteDigital

Being a women, I feel so proud enjoying every single minute of my life. I never regret to learn from my mistakes and I never backslide when I fall.

I am happy that I am living in a world where men and women are treated equally with equal opportunities. I Love green everywhere so obviously I love rain. I wanna be always Unique, so I don’t follow anyone. You can read more about my work on my Google+ Profile Jenifer Renjini +

I still remember my English teacher who believed and moulded me to be a trained speaker. She holded my hands and made me participate in various elocutions and essay competitions and from then on I began winning prizes in schools, zonal levels and District levels. Those days were heart filled and I felt myself to be a twinkling star and most willingly participated in all competitions.

Badminton and music were my unseparable hobbies. Which in turn made me a Badminton player. It began earlier in my childhood and still continues..

I began my career as an online researcher and that led an unconditional bonding between me and internet. And now, I enjoy learning new SEO trends everyday. It keeps me up to date all 24/7. I cannot say this as my Job, but my passion. Cheers!!!!