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We’re Premier Google Partners Now!

Premier Google Partner Agency WhiteDigital

We are happy to share this great news with you all, that we’ve been honored with the highest award of Google, the Premier Google Partner status.

This ‘Premier Google Partner Agency’ badge status has been awarded by Google for their outstanding Partners, “who manage a substantial portfolio of Google advertising campaigns and consistently deliver great results for their clients.”

Today, we’re glad that our paid marketing team has demonstrated a commendable work in Google Ads by meeting the spend requirements effectively and tactfully, delivering an improved revenue growth and simultaneously growing the client’s base.

Digital marketing company WhiteDigital

You might wonder as to what is the big hype about earning this ‘Premier Google Partner Agency badge’? Yes, this is special, because, only a small fraction of the top digital marketing companies in the globe have been successful in earning this badge and we are now among that small list who do big face-lifts in paid marketing.

Basically, to be a Premier Google Partner, you not only have to be knowledgeable, but you need to know how to ‘run the campaign to make money’. This is what we do!

These are the significant factors that we comprehend to –

Our Certified Google Ads expert Team stays alert to any Advancement in Google Ads!

Our Google Ads team is specialized in display ads, search ads, shopping ads, mobile ads and video ads, certified by Google. Though we have a number of certified resources in our company, we authorize only the competent, calculative & proficient in the team to run campaigns. That is the secret of our success!

WhiteDigital Certified Google Ads expert Team

We Manage Hefty Campaigns with our Best Practices!

To qualify even for the first level of the Google partner program you must be managing at least $XX,XXX over a 90 day period. And to reach this highest level of Premier Partner status, your quarterly ad spend must be much higher, this means, a Premier level digital advertising agency, must know how to successfully manage hefty ad campaigns. Yes, we successfully, manage hefty ad campaigns, our quarterly spend is $2,21,705 USD!

Premier Google Partner - WhiteDigital

We make more money for your business!

Building campaigns that convert at a high rate is an amusing challenge, but the Premium badge holders are successful at it. Yes, we can make more money for your business. Along with the conversion rate, we make sure that the quality of the campaign remains at a high level, exhibiting considerable improvement in the clientele base too.

We, as an agency, take the client’s performance to soaring heights, make a transformation in revenues and walk along through the path of the cutting-edge technology of the digital world.

We’re super proud to receive the ‘Premier Google Partner’ badge.

If you are concerned about ways to upsurge your business profits, consult our Google Ads expert to get a FREE Audit Today!

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