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June 2018 Google AdWords Updates, Google announces new features for retail advertisers

June 2018 Google AdWords Updates, Google announces new features for retail advertisersWe bring you the latest updates on Google Adwords as and when Google rolls out. Google plans every update based on AI and user behavior ensuring better Ad quality and engagement. Adapting to the latest Google updates will make sure that your campaigns are up to date and perform well. This June 2018, Google has announced new feature for retail advertisers.

1. Affiliate locations extensions added to YouTube Video Campaigns

Affiliate location extensions can help the people to find the nearby stores that sell your products. Google has launched affiliate location extensions in Search and Display campaigns to help brands and manufacturers show users, nearby retail chains where their products are sold. Those ad extensions can now appear in TrueView in-stream and bumper ads on YouTube increasing CTR to 15%

When a user clicks on an affiliate location extension, it brings up a Maps page of nearby retailers where the product is sold. The objective of this feature is to help the brands drive foot traffic to nearby stores that sells the product. This is a notable update on Google Adwords for Video campaigns.

Affiliate location extensions - Google AdWords Updates

2. Local Catalog Ad for Display Campaign

A new local catalog ad unit for the Google Display Network will be available to retail advertisers with physical locations by the end of June. The mobile display ad units feature a hero image at the top followed by product cards of inventory available locally. The product cards show “in-store” availability and pricing. This remarkable update in Google Display Campaigns helps small business owners, probably increasing their customer visits.

Google local catalogue Ads - June 2018 Google AdWords Updates

3. Competitive pricing for Shopping Advertisers

Another noteworthy feature is the introduction of Product Price Benchmarks by Google. Advertisers running Google Shopping campaigns will be able to compare their product prices against those of competitor. They could bid down products that can’t compete price-wise and bid up those that can.

The data will assist the Sellers to better understand the performance changes caused by competitor price changes, and they can also adopt the data for making decisions about pricing.

AdWords Competitor Pricing Benchmarks - 2018 Google AdWords Updates


These are really great features and you need to implement in your AdWords campaigns for maximum performance. I will update you on the latest Google AdWords changes by next month. Bookmark this section and visit us for detailed Google Adwords Updates.

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