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Case Study: PPC Campaign Leads to Tremendous Increase in Revenue of 405% for Phadkelab.com

PPC Campaign Case Study - 405% Excellent Increase in RevenueClient Profile:

Dr. Phadke’s pathology laboratory and infertility center was established by Dr. A.M. Phadke in 1963. It is a franchise for safe & hygienic SRL Diagnostics lab test center in Mumbai. The laboratory does blood and other samples test and provide the report through Email. In addition they also do home visit to collect the samples.

The Business Challenge:

In the fast growing scenario a laboratory like Phadkelabs had faced many business Challenges.

  • Heavy Competition:

They had to withstand the heavy competition that probably resulted in high CPC.

  • Limited Brand Awareness:

In the beginning there was not much of brand awareness for the lab even in their locality. Also they could not reach the rural audience.

  • Poor Online Visibility:

The online visibility was also comparatively poor.

Client Requirements:

  • Calls:

The client expected more customers driven through clicks to result in conversion. Their primary requirement was phone calls and leads from contact form which were termed as their conversion.

  • Reach:

They also desired to get more reach primarily from rural area.

  • Sales:

Their expectation was to obtain 10 lakhs+ sales per month.

Customer Persona Canvas:

We follow Customer Persona model in which we get a better understanding of the gains, pains and jobs of the customer. When we start, we always begin with the customer. First, we have a conversation with the client about who are their customers. Secondly, we use the Personal Canvas to sketch the people whom to be focused on.

PPC Campaign Case Study - Customer Persona Canvas

Potential Targets

Age group: 30+

Gender: All

Tech savvy: Moderate (Internet, WhatsApp}

Frequency: Recurring

Location: In and around Mumbai

Category: Middle age & above, Infertile male

Value Proposition Canvas:

We follow Value Proposition Canvas model in order to provide a solution. Thus we have a clear understanding of “What we are doing?”, “What to be done?” and “How to be done?” With the help of this we could find all possible solutions and frame efficient strategies to get revenue for the client. Thus we provide the gain creators, pain relievers and products.

PPC Case Study - Value Proposition Canvas

After showing the fitness of the Value Proposition Canvas, we can conclude that it is very important to know who your customer is, what his lifestyle looks like, and what his real needs are. If you don’t know who your customers are, there may be a misfit with your product/service.

Solutions and Strategies:

We at whiteDigital, had answers to all the requests of Phadkelabs and we served them with solutions by consulting them about their PPC campaigns to understand about their market and competition, with which we defined our objectives.

Since the phone calls enable a chance to explain the services of the client to their customers, we created both search and call only campaign. The Google search campaigns could build a little awareness for the laboratory. But after a while this should have resulted in successful lead generations. A high competitive bidding made this unattainable due to low conversion rates.

We have developed creative ad concepts and did some minor creative nips to get the Ads clicked. Thus this increased the CTR and probably resulted gradual increase in the conversion rates.

Based on this we planned the following strategies:

  • Keywords are the main area to be focused in order to get desired results. Also the landing pages play a major role to convert website visitors to customers and reduce the bounce rate. With an extensive keyword research, we created the right list of keywords through search term analysis.
  • Initially we focused on “research” type keywords (For example: symptoms for dengue) as a targeting option which drove huge traffic to the website. This increased the brand awareness for the laboratory among the users who search for gathering information. From here we collected the Email list and phone numbers.
    Targeting Option 1: Research Keywords - PPC Case Study
  • Simultaneously we focused on “consideration” type keywords (For example: full body checkup) as a targeting option. Here we created the missed call ads and WhatsApp ads (In landing Page we asked users to text via WhatsApp). Since most of the users were clearing their queries with WhatsApp messages with the client and giving missed calls, we could get the phone numbers of the customers.
    Targeting Option 2: Consideration Keywords - PPC Case Study
  • At the same time, we took hold of “purchase” keywords (For example: blood test at home Mumbai) as a targeting option to gain more revenue. Here we directed the clicks to a “home visit” landing page (Once you pay technicians will visit home directly) which gave immediate sales to our client.
    Targeting Option 3: Purchase keywords - PPC Case Study

Thus by running the above campaigns simultaneously we could achieve traffic, leads and sales at the same time. The account was excellently separated into meaningful campaigns with themed ad groups and targeted and relevant ads were written within each ad group.

Technology Used For Keywords:

Keyword Bucketing:

We have splitted the keywords based on their theme and included the same with Broad Match(BM), Broad Match Modifier(BMM), Phrase Match(PM) and Exact Match(EM) under separate ad group. We did this in order to measure and analyze the performance of the different match type keywords. Thus we could decide advanced strategies like automated rules for “bid adjustment” and “advanced level bid adjustment”.

Negative forming:

In order to avoid the redundant keyword warning, we also implemented the negative forming in all the ad groups with different match types. The Phrase match keywords were added as negatives for an ad group containing the Exact Match keywords as Broad Match keywords negatives to the ad group containing Phrase Match keywords.

Technology Used for Bid Adjustment:

Advanced mobile bid adjustment:

We could not get as many calls as the client expected. Thus we used advanced bid adjustment which will show our ads in mobile comparatively more than in desktop.

Time of Day report:

By analyzing the best performing time of the ads from the past data we increased the keyword bid to “top page bid”. Digitally speaking, it brought us huge number of call conversions and we found a gradual increase in CTR and conversion rate.

Location level Bid Adjustment:

We found that some locations (Example: 5 km around Andheri, 5 km around Bandra, Mumbai, IN etc.) were found to have enormous performance. Thus we increased the bid adjustment at those locations and decreased the ones which had less performance.

Technology Used for Ad Creatives:

Our most performing Ad Creatives: 

PPC Campaign Leads Case Study

If Condition:

CTA (Call-To-Action) are essential for a best ad creative since it gives the user a deciding authority. Thus we used an outstanding strategy in ad creative: – by using the “if condition” we made a condition. If the device is mobile then the CTA displayed will be “Call Now!” or “WhatsApp Us!”. If the device is desktop then the CTA displayed will be “Contact us”.

A/B testing and Multivariate testing:

We also did A/B testing and Multivariate testing in order to analyze the best performing ads which would finally result in achieving more potential clients. We did this testing in the ads which were written for general, missed call and WhatsApp messages. Based on the ads performance, we have recreated and made minor changes for best click through ratio (CTR), good quality score and maximum conversion.

Keyword Insertion in Ads:

This is the most efficient strategy we used in our innovative ad creatives. Since the ads contained the search terms itself, it steadily increased CTR and quality score. Also it provided the excellent reason for indirectly increasing the conversion rate.

Call only Ads:

Also we analyzed that the ad worked effectively both in mobile and in desktop by performing Desktop vs. Mobile campaign split testing. Based on this analysis we created call only ads that are displayed only in mobile. We included Google call forwarding along with Google call metrics associated to this.

Audience targeting:

Based on Email lists:

The miserable thing that we faced is impossibility of normal remarketing for our client, due to some health policy violations. Thus we planned a strategy to increase the loyalty. We created search campaign by focusing the Email lists that we obtained from the former campaign focusing the research type keywords.

Based on device, geographic & demographics:

From the past performance data we targeted certain locations and best performing devices. We also analyzed the demographics criteria like age and gender. By doing bid adjustment for these criteria we could make excellent sales for the client. By adopting effective techniques, like focusing most on the search terms with high search volume was helpful in identifying the potential customers. 

Tremendous Results:

All our effective and tactful strategies in PPC Campaigns finally resulted with tremendous benefits for the client. .

At Jan 1, 2017:

Spend: INR 46976.57 Sales: 3,32,480

At May 31, 2018:

Spend: INR 1,65,966.67  Sales: 13,46,919

We could not track the calls after October, 2017 since we have disabled the call tracking because we faced some issues in Google call forwarding. Thus we could not record the call conversions. However, our client had received quality customers and will report us about the packages sales.

Products and services used

  • Keyword research
  • Ad creatives refinement
  • Radius targeting
  • Ad scheduling
  • Call only ads
  • Ad copy A/B testing
  • Google call forwarding number-for call tracking
  • Search term analysis
  • Bid adjustment
  • CPA bidding
  • Adding negative keywords
  • Campaign management

 Case Study Release Form:

PPC Campaign Case Study Release Form

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