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Faster Landing page Delivery with Google Adwords ‘Parallel Tracking’

Google continues to innovate and surprise its users with new updates each passing year. In early 2018, Google Adwords will be rolling out a technique called Parallel tracking by changing the existing tracking parameters. While this may not sound like much, it is quite beneficial for companies using Google Adwords directly and also, indirectly useful to end users who click on ads.

How does Parallel tracking work

Google adwords Parallel tracking

Google Adwords’ new technology ‘Parallel Tracking’ sends customers directly from the ad to the final landing page while the URL tracking happens in the background. This helps in reducing the amount of lost visits which can happen if a customer clicks on a given ad but navigates away before he sees the landing page.

On clicking ads in the previous tracking method, customers go through several invisible redirects before reaching the landing page.

Why you should care

With the increase in users of 3G and 4G connection speeds, and the rise of Android and iPhone users, the customer expectations have increased further. According to an online research, a second’s delay in page loading could decrease conversion rate by upto 20%. This can be a huge deal for businesses.  Hence, the Parallel Tracking technique will be a major boon as it helps save 100 milliseconds during landing page deliveries.

Get started with parallel tracking today

Presently, parallel tracking is optional. Google Adwords will use the standard tracking method to track clicks if the ads do not support parallel tracking. In the future, it will become the default tracking method for all the accounts. Google Adwords has urged users who use third party providers to make sure their current system supports parallel tracking.

If you are an AdWords advertiser, there are few prerequisites to be considered before you access parallel tracking.

  • Check with your tracking template provider to ensure that parallel tracking is supported
  • To avoid double counting the visitors to your site, make sure to include a final URL tag (for example {purl})
  • Make sure your landing page is secure. If not, migrate to https immediately.

You can setup this feature in Google AdWords under Settings > Account Settings > Tracking.

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