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Google AdWords now helps Advertisers to promote their offers with the new Promotion Extension

New Promotion Extension

Recently, Google AdWords has launched its new AdWords interface with variety of useful features. In this interface, Google AdWords has introduced a new extension called Promotion Extension. As the name suggests, this extension refers to promotion, it helps the advertisers to promote their offers or discounts.

What is a Google AdWords Promotion Extension?

Google AdWords Promotion Extension is an Ad extension in which an advertiser can promote special deals or discounts offered by his business in Google Search Ads. This extension is specifically introduced to highlight special offers that are offered to improve the sales in special occasions like Christmas, New Year, Mother’s Day etc…This will attract customers who are searching for best deals or offers related to your business. Promotion Extension are clickable, when customers click on your promotion extension it will directly lead them to the offer page. This will reduce the bounce rate and increase the conversion rate.

Google AdWords Promotion Extension

How does a promotion extension appear in search Ads?

Google AdWords Promotion Extension will be displayed in your Search Ads below the description. It highlights your offer or discount attractively and easily engages a customer who views the Ad. This extension will display up to two lines.

The first line of the extension displays the special occasion if you select one like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day etc.., and the discount (E.g.10% off, $50 cash back, etc..,) which is offered. The second line displays the promotion details either “on orders over” or “promo code” and promotion dates (E.g. Valid till Dec 01) that explains the promotion validity.

Promotion Extension in Mobile & Desktop

Benefits of Google AdWords Promotion Extension:

  • Promotion extension, we can easily promote new offers in existing Search Ads by updating it, instead of creating new Ad Creative every time.
  • Promotion extension can be scheduled in a flexible way i.e. the promotion extension can be scheduled to display within the period of occasion, a month, a week or a day as required.
  • Customers will click the Ads by knowing the offer or discount even before entering the website. This will reduce the bounce rate and improves the conversion.
  • Promotion extension will also increase the CTR.

Industrial Usage:

Google AdWords Promotion Extension can be used for any business or services who wish to promote their discount or offer in any occasion. Each and every industry has some special occasions where they have more sales or service at that particular period of time every year.

For example, if you are a cake shop owner, you may have more sales on Christmas season. To attract more customers you may provide some special offers. Using promotion Extension in your Search Ads will help you to promote your offers and at the same time improve your sales better than your competitors. It is important to use the right strategy at the right time.

Industries like Ecommerce, tours and travels, Ac Service, Automobiles, Jewelry, Textiles, sale and services may use this promotion extension to promote their offers and enhance their business. This update triggers more sales for an advertiser who offers discounts on his services or products. It helps several industries and service providers to promote and enhance their business. Advertisers can enhance their sales by promoting their offers in any occasions with the promotion Extension so it’s a great opportunity for the advertiser to dominate their industry.

How to setup promotion extension?

Step 1:

Sign in to your AdWords account.

Ads & Extension tab

Step 2:

Go to the Ad & extensions page menu and click Extensions along the top.

Ad & extensions page menu and click Extensions

Step 3:

Click on the plus button and select Promotion extension.

Select Promotion extension

Step 4:

Choose to add the promotion extension to your account, campaign, or ad group

Add Promotion Extension to your account

Step 5:

Select the occasion for your promotion (optional). The name of the occasion appears in your ad extension. The date for each occasion will confirm when your extension may be eligible to show. To optimize this date range, use the advanced options.

Select the occasion for your promotion

Step 6:

Select the currency of your promotion in which you provide the offer.

Select the currency of your promotion

Step 7:

Choose to show a monetary or percentage discount as your promotion type.

Promotion Type

Step 8:

Now name the promotion and link to the final URL (URL of the destination page which contains the offer details) where users can find the specific discount and items included. You can also set promotion dates for limited-time offers.

Promotion and link to the final URL

The final URL which you link on your promotion extension should contain accurate details of your offer because Google AdWords will review it and may disapprove your Search Ads if the offer is not found in your destination page. It will also increase the bounce rate if customers didn’t find any details about the offer in your destination page.

Step 9:

Now select the type of Offer and enter if have any requirements for your promotion like promo code or Spend over (E.g. Offer applicable only over $50 of purchase).

Select any Promotion Details

Step 10:

Expand advanced options, to change the dates and times of when your promotion extension is eligible to show.

  1. You can narrow the date range, but you can’t select dates outside of the occasion date range. Otherwise, deselect the occasion and enter the start date and end date for when you wish to run your promotion.
  2. You can also use “Days and hours” to choose more specific days and times for when your extension may be eligible to show.

Expand advanced options

Step 11:

After completing the entire settings click the save button to create your promotion Extension.

Customers always love special offers and discounts so does the Advertisers, to encourage the advertisers and to satisfy Customers Google AdWords has implemented this special feature. Most of the time advertisers have a hard time in their business even if they provide various offers, due to the lack of promotion. Now advertisers who provide special deals or offers can make use of this efficient update so that an advertiser can promote his offers and discounts which mean obviously no more hard time in business. For all advertisers who wish to promote their offers it is highly recommended to use promotion Extension. It’s time to do some real business with this new Google AdWords promotion extension, promote your offers now.

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