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Google Expands Bidding to Call Extension

Google Expands Bidding to Call Extension

Recently, Google AdWords has launched a New Interface with an assortment of fresh features including, Call Bid Adjustments. Previously, Call Extensions were not shown very often in the Search Ads, as it depends on the ad rank. Now, to show this call extension frequently in the search Ads, Google AdWords has introduced a bidding option for this extension.

What is a Call Extension?

Call Extension, is one of the Ad extension, which lets you to add phone numbers to your Search ads. This will improve the CTR (Click Through Rate) significantly, as the Extension displays your phone number or Call option in the Ads. When your call extensions show up, customers can click the call button to call you directly. This will engage more customers to your Ads that can improve your business significantly.

Call extensions are the easiest way to add phone numbers to existing ads. If you attempt to include a phone number anywhere in your ad text, it may lead to the disapproval of the ad, so if you would like to include a phone number, it is highly recommended to use a Call Extension.

Mobile and Desktop call extension

What’s new in this call Extension?

Earlier Bidding was available on keywords, locations, Ad schedule and Devices; now Google AdWords has expanded Bidding to Call Extension. This Bidding will allow you to control how often the call extension appears in the search Ads. This bid adjustment can be used to increase bids for call extensions on campaigns that drives valuable phone calls to your business. Using this Call Bid Adjustment, you can modify your bid anywhere from -90 percent to +900 percent. Bidding higher will display your phone number more often as a call extension.

Advertisers previously made similar adjustments in a “Call-Only Campaign“, which only showed ads that allowed the customer to call a business but can’t click through to a website. Here advertisers would pay on a cost-per-call instead of cost-per-click. With the new update advertisers can now have the best of both worlds, an Ad that can drive both web traffic and calls at the same time.


  • Manage to show call options more often in the search ads.
  • Probability of driving more conversions through phone calls and web clicks with a single search ad.
  • Low cost while comparing to call only Ads.
  • Call from Ads Drives three times more conversion than on web clicks.

Industrial Usage:

Several Industries and service providers use phone calls as their main objective to enhance their business. Call Bid Adjustment is an efficient update for all business that is focusing on phone calls. This update from Google will help them achieve a remarkable growth in their business as it drives more conversion through phone calls. Industries like Tours and travels, Dentists, Movers, HVAC services, Junk Removal, Cleaning services etc.., can make use of this call Bid adjustment.

For example, if you’re an AC service expert, you may see higher conversion rate from calls because it can be easier to schedule an appointment for Ac installation, Repair or maintenance during a live conversation. Raise your call bid adjustments to show call extensions more frequently and drive more of these high-value call conversions.

How to set Call Bid Adjustment:

To set Call Extension bid you need to have access in the New AdWords Interface because this bidding option is available only in the new AdWords interface. (If you don’t have the access to the new interface it will be available soon)

Steps 1: Login your AdWords account.

Steps 2: Make sure that you have existing call extensions (Or create new call extensions)

Steps 3: Click or Tap the Advance Bid adj. option in the menu bar.

Advanced Bid Adjustment Option

Step 4: Now Select the Extension and click below the bid adj. option as shown in the below image.

Call Bid Adjustment Option

Step 5: Set the bid as you prefer and click the save button.

Set call bid adjustment

Understanding the importance of phone call conversions in business is vital, as Google has implemented a wonderful update that can enhance the ROI of business in millions. According to Google’s internal data cited in the announcement, “calls convert three times better than web clicks”. So, based on the actions of Google AdWords we suggest all the advertisers to know and make use of this efficient update for the wellness of their business.

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