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All You Need To Know About PLAs In Google AdWords

PLAs In Google AdWords

Did you know that most explorers in Google always scan for the relevancy in results before proceeding on to read the whole piece of information? In fact, the explorer would not even read the content if there is no instant signaling. This scanning behavior of the reader is the reason which makes the PLAs (Product Listing Ads) managed by a Google partner agency in India, a compelling one for your business.

Though PLAs are often discussed along with the traditional search campaigns, they are different to some extent.  Here we provide you with a few information, which justifies – why PLA’s managed thru a PPC expert India is better than the traditional search advertisements.

What is PLA in Google AdWords?

Have you ever calculated the results of your traditional Google AdWords Campaign? If you have, did you get the right clicks for your adspend without any wastage? You might probably not, because, the reader might not be well aware about your products and there are chances, that he might waste the clicks.  This is when PLAs work out!

Product Listing Ads

Product Listing Ads are a kind of PPC Ads which feature the images. They are a valuable asset to any e-commerce website. This campaign, when managed by a right Google AdWords Campaign Manager, helps in a proper display of your product images with the price information.  It also takes the users directly to the product pages, where they can buy from the e-commerce portal resulting in maximum conversion.

The PLAs are unique, and they don’t need keywords but, they are targeted based on the product and product category.  A certified PPC expert in India can effectually categorize your products based on demographics and buyer intent. Though the administration of the Google Product Listing Ads is monitored via AdWords and Google Merchant Center, the process is a little different than the usual paid search campaigns, the support of a Google AdWords certified agency in India, can help in a successful campaign.

When a bid is set for the ads, Google will be influenced by the relevance of information that is set, which primarily includes:

  • Product Category & Type
  • Image
  • Brand & Color
  • Price & Availability

It is important to be descriptive and precise, while setting the categories, as these and the bid are the ones that Google uses to list out the ads. The Google AdWords experts in India work exclusively on this, so they are well informed about the various categories, and offer the best support that will benefit a business to reach the right audience and make the sales in Indian market.

Where do the Google AdWords PLAs Appear?

The PLAs managed by an expert Google ad word company in India, appear along with the regular PPC ads in the Search Engine Result Pages, for all types of searches.  The Advertisers, who run the PLAs pay on the basis of cost per click, and manage the campaigns through AdWords interface alongside the ‘normal’ PPC campaigns.

PLAs can emerge at the top of the Google search results:

Product Listing Ads

Or they can show up in the right-hand column:

Google Product Listing Ads

Product Listing Ads can also be viewed from the Google Shopping listings.

Why should one consider Product Listing Ads destined by a certified Google AdWords expert in India for your Business?

  1. You get to dominate Google’s Search Results

Google allows advertisers to encompass both the normal PPC ad and a PLA for a search query.  This signifies that you get to dominate search results, capturing the eyes of the searcher.

  1. Better ROI

The conversion rates are high on the PLA campaigns as the explorer gets a snippet view of your product, without even clicking on the Ad, consequently minimizing the wastage drastically. This indicates a better ROI! But, if you plan a DIY, it might not work the way you wanted, instead, join hands with an award winning Google partner agency in India, to get the required results.

Better ROI with Product Listing Ads

  1. Offers relevant results for the users

The Google searchers are provided with relevant results with Product Listing Ads. For example, if someone is looking for ‘Apple MacBook Air’ then they will be provided with the assortment of Apple MacBook Air PLAs, with the prices offered by different e-commerce sites.  If the searcher is not okay with the pricing, he might not click on the ad, means, the clicks that you gain is of high quality, with a greater scope for conversion.

Which is better PPC or PLA in Google AdWords?

PPC had been Google’s main revenue source, which generated billions of dollars every year. Even the companies that advertised thru PPC with the help of Google AdWords experts in India, yielded a great ROI for their businesses.

After PLA was introduced lately, it demonstrated an influential success, with

  • Clicks at low cost
  • High click through rates &
  • Good cost per conversion

This is because users tend to click on image ad, instead of product ads.  The user habits are changing every day and it is necessary to adapt to the trends to stay alive in the search competition. The certified Google Adwords Campaign Managers work hand-in-hand to make your campaign a successful one.  DIYs don’t work always!

How to get started with PLAs in Google AdWords?

In order to run a Product Listing Ad, you must have a Merchant Account and a Product feed with Google. The product feed should stick to various conditions that are pre-set by Google, a PPC expert in India is well-informed about the Google requisites, and can help your ads do a way lot better, bringing in more sales and revenue. When your product feed is all set, your merchant account can be linked to the AdWords account, from where you can start building your PLA Campaign based on the brands and types of product that you deal with.

How can you succeed with PLAs of Google AdWords?

Now that you have a clear idea about what PLAs are, you must know about how to succeed on the display place or call it ‘race?’

  • Stay organized – Keeping your feeds organized will help your business prosper. So, position your products down by each subcategory. The better you put in order, the higher ranks, will your items get in the Google Algorithm. Keep in mind that PLAs can look different across different platforms, so make sure that you test it across mobile, tablet, laptops and desktops to make sure that the ads look good in each search. The Google AdWords experts in India, can offer you with state-of-the-art solutions to benefit the campaign.
  • Larger Feeds – Feeds with more than 1000 products are likely to do better on the Google Shopping, whereas the smaller feeds might not have the same impact.
  • Image Selection – Analyze your competition and shoot high quality photographs of the items. Select relevant and targeted product images that could stand out from the crowd. A certified PPC expert in India can offer effective solutions that will help yield a better ROI.
  • Focus – Pay attention to the best-selling items, particularly when there are several thousands of products, make use of the promotions to sell the items which are preferred more by the users.

Using PLAs as a part of the paid search campaign is a novel way to drive more relevant targeted traffic to your site. It requires more understanding and optimization of the product listings, like a PPC expert in India, to use PLAs to boost the sales commendably.

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