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Why Is It Essential To Work With A Google AdWords Certified Agency In India For Your PPC Needs?

Google AdWords Certified Agency In IndiaIn the digital era, PPC has established itself as one of the best platforms for online advertising.  It has gradually progressed itself to become a vital part of the digital advertising channel that in due course, even digital marketing experts and successful entrepreneurs, recommend it as the appropriate platform to promote business online in a successful way. But, the question is why you should choose an expert Google AdWord company India for your PPC requirements?

What does it mean to work with a Google partner agency in India?

Achieving the Google Partner status means that the company has several employees, who are certified Google AdWords experts in India. It also points out that the firm’s sustained growth of client base meets the standards of achieving the partner status of Google.   The badge also confirms the ability of the Google partner agency in India, to strategize, manage and derive desirable results on ROI for the clients, from the various features of Google AdWords.  It also implies that the certified PPC experts have shown considerable expertise and proficiency in running display ads, search ads, shopping ads, mobile ads and video ads.

What are the advantages of working with a Google partner agency in India

1. They optimize better – The Google AdWords experts in India work keenly according to the client’s requirement.  They know the best practices to be followed and try their best for a minimum spend requirement as an agency.

2. No wastage of Money – Managing Google AdWords without the certification from Google means tossing your valuable money into the garbage. There are many features in the Google AdWords settings with which you can spend your money in a wise manner. A person without a certification might not know the features and can waste a major stake of your budget, even before you become conscious of the fall of the campaign. But, when you work with an award winning, expert Google Ad Word Company in India, you can witness an effective campaign that will help upsurge your ROI.

3. Trained & Certified Account Managers – To gain the status of Google partner agency in India, it is vital to have a team of certified PPC experts.  They are supposed to have a thorough knowledge of managing the advanced and basic features of AdWords by following the best practices, and elite strategies that could benefit the clients.

Google partner agency in India

4. The wait time is less – Partnership with a Google AdWords certified agency in India, ensures direct access to expert Google representatives, who are capable of answering all your demands related to your Google AdWords Account. The PPC experts in India are dedicated and can be available on call to answer your queries at any time. If the agency that you are partnered with now, claims that they are Google partners in India, ask if they have a dedicated account manager.  If not, you might have to hang on for a longer time and spend a lot of money for your issue to be taken care of.

5. Mobilegeddon – Mobiles play a significant role amidst consumers. So, it is a must that the website must be mobile friendly to take advantage of the mobile advertising approach. If you are not sure as to how to optimize your website, a Google certified agency in India, can do this for you with their dedicated team of professionals.

6. Beta Testing – A Google partner in India, can keep you posted about all the Beta tests that Google is about to roll out soon, whereas it is not revealed to normal public. As a point of fact, the Google partner agency in India stays alert to these beta testing and optimizes the client’s campaigns. This will help the client to stay ahead of the search advertising competition.

7. Trained by Google – Not just webinars or seminars, instead the certified PPC experts in India are directly provided hands on training by Google. They are given Product trainings and certifications, Sales trainings, Community membership & product updates and Executive business trainings.

8. High Level Performance – To sustain the Google Partner Badge, it is essential that the Google AdWords certified agency in India, demonstrates an incessant performance. So, the clients can be assured that the agencies work harder and persist to run effective ads for them.

The market is competitive and the results are driven by ROI. So, it is a necessity that testing the keywords that actually works and landing page optimization are to be taken care of by a certified PPC expert, to yield a higher value per visitor. Brainy businesses have got the support of Award winning Google partner agency in India to stay ahead of the competition, Why wait join the certified team of PPC experts and maximize your profits!

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