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Local Business SEO Tips for NAP Consistency

Local Business SEO Tips for NAP ConsistencyLocal SEO can be a tricky subject. However, it is important to note that search engines always depend upon trust. Consistent local citations will always ensure that your business turns up well ahead in search engine rankings. However, many businesses are found to have conflicting addresses, phone numbers and are listed under untrustworthy business categories. Apart from being confusing to human end users, these discrepancies also conflict with Google’s ability to trust the data they gather from a specific website. For websites looking to earn more in local search traffic, it is necessary that they send singular message. Even the minutest variation in business detail – company name, location address, phone numbers, website addresses, etc, can suppress rankings.

NAP (Name, Address and Phone Numbers) consistency facilitates an optimized listing of the business in search engines. NAP consistency is especially crucial for local SEO as it helps Google and other search engines establish a perception of consistent information when crawling through your website. It would mean that you have been able to support search engines to list your brand/business to the ideal audience. When search engines return local results, they want to be as confident that the business really represents the organization it claims to be. To explain with an example, there would be hundreds of “pet shops” in Los Angeles. The only way to tell them apart is by comparing each business’s NAP listing. If the same business showcases two different sets of NAP, search engines will see it to be two different businesses. In this case, the SEO gets split up between the two NAP’s and your overall organic ranking suffers.

Benefits of NAP consistency

  1. Increased organic ranking through accurate and similar information across all marketing channels / pages / campaigns
  2. Higher ranks in local search results, both on desktop and mobile platforms
  3. Increased local traffic to business website that transforms into more number of query calls
  4. Helping both existing and new customers find the physical location of your business easily

Tips to NAP consistency

Engaging NAP consistency is pretty simple and straightforward.

  • Getting organized: It’s just like having your files arranged in the desk by the case number. Even for businesses having two or more stores under the same brand name, getting organized will improve mapping and local search results.
  • Don’t deviate: Use the same business name, addresses and phone numbers wherever you mention website information, be it the “contact us” page, press releases, social pages or blogs. This way, search engines will know that all the platforms direct to the same business and the combined SEO benefits the listing at large.
  • Submission: Submit your business listing to local directories and relevant websites.

Always get your story straight. There are several businesses that create fake local NAPs to trick search engine results and rankings. It is advisable to verify your NAP consistency across all platforms that you are mentioned in. hiring a SEO firm to help optimize the same would be an added advantage.

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