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Social to-dos for local businesses


Regardless of whether you are in the early stages of your start-up’s social strategy or have been into social marketing for a long time now, there is just one universal truth to know. According to industry statistics, around 80% of all local businesses today seek social platforms to drive business growth.

One can blog an entire day about the importance of social media and the reasons behind local businesses adopting it, but a hard fact still spells that social media management is too time consuming. A startup local business is already hard pressed for resources and time and it is obvious if social media strategies don’t feature as a priority, despite known business benefits. If you agree with the above, keep on reading to know the easy ways of social to-dos that will save you both time and resources.

Revisiting the old school approach

In the initial days, the supposed benefits of social presence would be clouded by the amount of time you need to get a hold of the platform. Logging in and out of the several popular social networks, several times in a day and ensuring that every customer post is replied to can be a hard job. Further, this is also the time when you would be tracking your business presence and following the ‘best practices’ attached to each network.

Though social media is a new marketing strategy, the management can also follow old school methods. If you are not starting a day at office without organizing priorities, you would definitely be pulled in a thousand directions and accomplishing none as a result. This feeling of disorganization is quite similar to your initial days on social platforms for local business.

Take the help of the traditional to-do lists to streamline your work process. You might also want to take help of a “Social Inbox” that shows everything that you need to respond to.

Keeping in contact

The idea of being social is to foster community sharing. Responding to each customer comment/interest can test your patience. However, you can seek service providers who can help you with your social branding. These will also be the service providers who will help your with tools and third party dashboards that will have the ability of scheduling messages for Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, etc.

Scheduling messages makes it easy to have a consistent presence across all social networks. The third party dashboards allow you to work upon each of the platforms from a single place – removing the need to logging in an out of several social platforms.

Staying connected at all times

Social media for small businesses can be intimidating. More than 85% of customers expect local businesses and brands to be active on social platforms and this can only be met by hiring social media marketing partners. Professional service providers can help you balance your work between scheduling social posts and continuing your online conversations.

Social sales being left in the cold!

Social selling can be defined as the practice of marketing executives trying to pitch a product on social platforms. However, social selling has been in the cold waters for a long time now since audiences don’t quite respond to hard sales.  In fact in 2014, there was a movement by local businesses that puts the idea of “sales” on social platforms in the backseat.

Instead of “selling”, the aim of local businesses should be on being able to connect with all current customers and win prospective ones through emotional campaigns. Facebook contests, Google + promotions, Twitter promotions, LinkedIn campaigns and Twitter promotions can help get the attention of customers. Try establishing your brand rather that pushing your products and services directly. Engagement will automatically help a growth in sales. It would also be a worthy practice if you can gauge your customer preference, lifestyle needs and budget limitations to assist your marketing.

While the trends in local digital marketing will continue to evolve in 2015 and beyond, the core principles lie with analytics, whether it’s content or social media. Make sure that you have the right social marketing/branding partner by your side. That way, you can both leverage your social presence while sticking to your core business processes.

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