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Microsoft Crucifying Internet Explorer: Plight, Flight and Might



It was in the summer of 1995 when Thomas Reardon created Microsoft’s web browser, the Internet Explorer, which at extant is presumed to have been crucified by Microsoft after two decades. Tim Warren in his post at The Verge, “Microsoft is killing off the Internet Explorer brand, IE will live on, but only as plumbing for Windows” has stated that Microsoft’s marketing chief, Chris Capossela at the Microsoft Convergence conference has confirmed that Microsoft is phasing out Internet Explorer in move to regain a stake in Web 3.0 due to the popularity of other fast and slick counterparts such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. But it’s Microsoft after all. Little do we know of what’s behind the curtains until it’s unveiled, but it’s evident that Microsoft is already into something that’s going to drop our jaws.


Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was of course one of the best web browsers in the market which mastered several concepts such as Ajax, Java Script, and much more that are still in today’s dominance. IE had a usage share of 95% a decade ago and served the needs of every netizens. Later was when its counterparts deluged into the market with better browsers that emphasized more on User Experience in terms of speed, easy accessibility, sleekness, and much more thus meeting every user needs. Internet Explorer seriously lagged in speed which provoked series of wide spread mockery over the Social Media and other realms. Twitter mourns and mocks death of Microsoft’s browser through the most trending hash tag #RIPInternetExplorer. The room for IE’s innovation got shrunk over time and people had to have something much better that can get their daily goals met in their cramped schedules. Needless to say about how much Microsoft invested on promoting Internet Explorer, but nothing turned out to its favor due to its flaws that projected so blatantly.



So then it happened. Internet Explorer fell out of the favor boundaries and people want it dead. It’s high time that the Microsoft team had to make a hard decision to culminate Internet Explorer out of Windows, and so did they take off its life support, ending its misery. Even in its demise, there was huge opposition to IE with sarcasms that spread like wildfire. Worst is the fact that, Microsoft themselves were too late to take such a decision, which is considered as slow as the Internet Explorer. But on the other hand, no matter how much criticisms are put right at its face, it still is a legend and will always be missed and remembered by many as it holds treasure of numerous memories. Internet Explorer, the King of web browsers ruled the Internet with all its might, and now it is time that we take a look at it #OneLastTime and say, Good-bye!



Every beginning has an ending, and so does something new begins. Internet Explorer though resting in peace at its tomb didn’t stop Microsoft from innovating. Everything was already preplanned, even the idea for Microsoft to ditch Internet Explorer. So what do you think Microsoft might be covering off the stage? Well, it is disclosed that Microsoft is working on rebranding its web browser through the project codenamed Spartan to knock out all the anomalies encircling Internet Explorer. The Project Spartan encompasses several advantages over other browsers and will stand unique in the market. Capossela said at the Convergence conference that, “We’re now researching what the new brand, or the new name, for our browser should be in Windows 10”. Project Spartan browser is expected to be unveiled later this month. So what could this mighty browser behold? Internet of Things (IoT)? That’s one of the awesome concepts that are out there in the tech world right now. It’s inevitable that people are going to love it and are certain to witness a completely connected digital world. Microsoft is indeed on the right track this time and with Cortona under the hood, it’ll assist the users just like Apple’s Siri with more value added information. It is also said that Microsoft will provide a free update (1 Year) for existing Windows 7 & 8 users. What’s surprising is that, an upgrade to Windows 10 will be free for all users, even pirates, which pack Project Spartan as well. Check out the features of Microsoft’s Project Spartan as illustrated below.



With the crucifixion of Internet Explorer, the advent of Project Spartan is soon to be witnessed by our naked eyes. The days are so near that we are certain to see the King appear out of the horizon this summer in 190 countries and 111 languages, with more power, speed, and much more feature rich elements. But would this new rule be applicable for Mobile users? Stay tuned to get more insights about this mighty warrior, Project Spartan!


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