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Digikit- The SEO first aid rules for 2015

blog_3Search Engine Optimization is the heart throb of Digital Marketing. An imperative part of digitization, SEO has evolved as a powerful process incorporating techniques from various aspects of digital marketing. SEO is no longer about the keywords; it’s more about your business and its implications. Listed are five such digital marketing strategies that would make your business click.


In this age of PDA technology it is no wonder that mobile phones contribute major percentage of your traffic. It is a trend that has held true for the past two years. With Google implementing its mobile-friendly algorithm in April, it doesn’t look like the trend will go out of fashion anytime sooner. Optimizing content to make it ‘mobile-friendly’ is definitely on top of the to-do list this year.

It’s not just Google anymore

Though Google still holds the line in the race of Search Engines, 2015 is likely to see its rivals making it big in the field. While Yahoo is estimated to have 300,000,000 unique visitors per month, Bing is ahead with estimation of 350,000,000 unique monthly visits. Ensure that your SEO strategy doesn’t stop with Google. Optimize your content for Bing, Yahoo and other major players.

Too many platforms and too little time

Gone are the days where Social Media Marketing was just another part of Digital Marketing. It is now the bigger slice of the pie and it is a high risk and return venture that you need to carefully tread. Avoid posting your content anywhere and everywhere. Choose few solid platforms which provide more scope to your target audience and promote strong content in those platforms.

The more secure it is, the more good it does

Now that HTTPS is considered a ranking signal, think more on the lines of encryption security. It’s a costly affair, but if your site collects personal information from your customers, it’s good to have that ‘S’ in your HTTP. Ensuring proper analysis and research would help you make the best use of it.

Feed the Pigeon

Google’s Pigeon algorithm is an update that aims to return shrewd and accurate results for localized search terms. It relies relevantly more on the content than the keyword. Try content and geography related keyword combinations that would enhance the process. Stand in the shoes of the consumers and determine the phrases they are likely to use when they search for your product/service.

There is much more in store for us this 2015 and these are few of the important points that one needs to consider when planning their SEO strategy. Have we missed out something? Contribute to the article with your comments.

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