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Reign of Mobile Users

There’s indeed a commotion as if Google is about to launch a new algorithm that’s related to the Mobile Friendliness of websites. It is said that, if a website not Mobile-friendly or if it isn’t responsive, chances are that it will never be shown on Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP). This obviously has a negative impact on sites in terms of business. For instance, an user of the web is in need of a particular service or product and searches on the web through his mobile while on the go, and let’s say that there’s a high end service provider whose site if unfortunately not mobile-friendly. Now imagine what might happen. Even if they appear on top of the SERP, Google will label them as “NON MOBILE-FRIENDLY” thus directing the user to choose a different site that is mobile-friendly. It can even be your competitors website. Do you wanna slip away your opportunities? Little did you know of the Google update, because there’s one other update that will label your site either as “SLOW” or “FAST” depending on your site’s Page Speed.

The infographics as illustrated below explains the statistical data about the usage of Mobile devices which will help you understand it is important to go mobile-friendly with awesome page speeds. It’s never too late to stand out of the crowd.

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