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World within World: Enterprise Social Networks


“At Microsoft there are lots of brilliant ideas but the image is that they all come from the top – I’m afraid that’s not quite right”   – Bill Gates

It might be a strange sentence to analyze, but going into the depths we would definitely end up with a lot of questions. If the ideas are coming from the medium or low level, how come Bill Gates hears about them? How efficient is the communication between the Top management and the rest? Do they even know each other’s face? So what fills this gap between the various tiers of the organization? Do organizations have a common platform to share ideas, provide suggestions and ask for a feedback? Enterprise Social Networks is just the answer we are looking for. Enterprise Social Networks are dedicated social network platforms within an organization that would enable employee collaboration and reduce the gap in communication. Listed here are seven such popular Enterprise Social Media Networks that are used by major organizations.

1. Microsoft Yammer



Yammer is an Enterprise Social Network that was launched is 2008 and later sold to Microsoft in 2012. Microsoft Yammer gives you facebook feel with features like status updates, likes and followers. While it has several options like Media sharing, polls and wikis it closes down certain options in the initial set up and provides them as add-ons.

2. Tibbr


Tibbr is a product of TIBCO that was launched in 2011. Tibbr has a beautiful profile update section where you could update your previous projects, colleagues and technology expertise. Tibbr distinguishes between public and private information sharing and supports High Definition Video conferencing.

3. Jive


Jive is a communication and collaboration platform that is popular among many organizations. It was created by Jive, an organization that specializes in Enterprise social Networks. Jive provides status updates and media sharing as free options, while Q&A and Polls come as add-ons.

4. IBM Connections


IBM launched the first version of IBM connections in the year 2007, where it was a simple collaboration tool, which evolved in the later years with features like activity Stream, Integrated Mail and Calendar, Social Analytics, Embedded Experience and Mobility.

5. Salesforce Chatter


Salesforce Chatter is customizable for desktop and mobiles. It is a private Social Networking tool that allows people to share ideas and communicate with other employees. While it allows basic features like status updates, file sharing, media sharing and voice chats, Chatter is not an option when it comes to blogs, Q&A and wikis.

6. SAP Jam

sap jam

SAP Jam is the brainchild of SAP’s yester year social collaboration platform, StreamWork and Jam, a social network platform that SAP acquired when it purchased the SuccessFactors. SAP Jam has features like Dashboards, Analytics, Bookmarks, comments and rating. It does not provide Personalization options and voice and video chats.


7. Social Cast:


Social Cast is an Enterprise Social Network that comes from the pockets of VM ware. It is a centralized platform that allows employees to create private and public group and share across ideas and documents. Task timeline is a noteworthy feature of Social Cast that helps you keep track of your tasks on a daily basis.

To cope with the ever changing world, Organizations require fresh and perspective ideas every single minute. Decision making is no more restricted to Boards rooms and Armani suits. Colloborative thinking is the new mantra and ESN is the perfect tool to achieve it with high efficiency. Want to add more ESNs  to the list ? Let us know through comments!


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