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Dynamic Structured Snippets – A New Trend in AdWords


Google paved way to a whole new dimension in Online Marketing when it launched AdWords a decade ago. It is the idea that every online business must be looking for more visitors to their website, made AdWords a vital part of promoting a website. The never ending process of modifying the Ad Texts and optimizing landing pages where religiously followed to reap the best results from each and every campaign run through Google AdWords.  What if Google themselves enhance your Ad Texts to attract more visitors? What if you no longer have to break any sweat? Well, the time has now come for us all to witness a new concept by Google – Structured dynamic snippets – and yes, it’s now possible for Google to dynamically super enhance your Ad Texts!

Just recently did Google roll out Structured Dynamic Snippets that is found to be automatically generated along with Ads as they appear on Google Search Engine Results Page. Structure dynamic snippets are the automatic extensions that appear on your Ads which gives additional boost of information about your products/services. These snippets appear along with your Ads on desktop or tablets on Google.com for “Search Network with Display Select” or “Search Network only” campaign types. Wonder how an Ad with a structured dynamic snippet looks like? Here is how they appear.


Why Dynamic structured snippets?

You might wonder how these snippets would help you. Here are few solid reasons for why you should be using it.

  • Provides additional information on your Ads

The automatically generated snippets provide additional information about your services/products based on the contents of your landing page.

  • Targets more relevant clicks/visitors

The additional information attracts the customers who are more likely to be interested in what you have to offer and thus improving your Ad relevance and CTR.

  • Scalable performance and reports

Just like the performance of your Ad Texts, performance of the dynamic structured snippets is also measurable. That makes it more reliable!


How will your Ad show structured snippet?

This automated extension is generated based on the criteria of your Ad and the contents in your landing page. This is found to appear in any ads whether it is above or below organic search.

Does structured snippet appear on all Ads?

No, Ads won’t always show these snippets, particularly when your other extension are performing well. And when it appears, the information displayed and the length may vary. AdWords considers various factors while determining whether these automated extensions are eligible to appear on your Ads or how they should appear.

What if I don’t want a dynamic snippet?

If you really don’t want this to show up on your Ads, you can always contact Google by filling up a form and get it deactivated. And you can opt them back anytime using the same form. But seriously! Why would anyone want to do that, particularly when it is given by Google? After all it’s free of cost!

This all new effort taken by Google to serve their clients to benefit utmost fruition is working out really well. The reality is that, an enhanced Ad Text for Ad campaigns and an increased ROI make things much interesting for business. Don’t you think that it’s time to try out the Dynamic structured snippets?  After all, who’s going to ignore doing business with benefits from Google. But make sure that you have an optimized landing page to get this brilliant automated extension.

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