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Around the Google in 300 Minutes: The Google Event

Prelude with a Hamburger…

No matter how big, medium or small the business is, it’s all the same in the eyes of Google. But how every business reaches the customer base and meets the expectations of the customers is one of the many aspects that matters the most. But unfortunately it is unseen by most businesses and tend to go down to the valley of demise over time.

Tale of the Event…

Being said all that, this is the sole reason why we wanted to make sure that no businesses be ever lost or be injured while venturing on the competitive edge. And so did we, whiteDigital* & Google through the support of Genpact (Google Vendor Operations) co-hosted an event, “Around the Google in 300 Minutes” on February 18, 2015 at The Trident, Kochi which was graced by the presence of Entrepreneurs and other C-level attendees across the nation. The event was conducted with a motive to help businesses to stay up to date with the best practices of the industry and to patch up businesses in par with Google’s digital excellence.
*whiteDigital is a badged Google Partner and a NASSCOM Member

The Agenda of the Google Event


The Happening…

The Google Event commenced as per the clearly planned Agenda with Registration & Google Goodies at 10:00 AM followed with Google’s Digital Breakfast at 10:00 AM as a healthy initiation for the informative presentation at 11:00 AM. Google took the audience to a different dimension where quality information was consolidated that dealt from Google Concepts regarding AdWords, Trending Statistics, and Case Studies. Following the Google’s presentation, we let the ground open for the audience to put forth their questions in business excellence through AdWords which was well answered by Google. Not just that, David Raj, the Google Partner Manager from Genpact shared his words of wisdom to the audience stating about the advantages of having a Google Certified Agency to manage AdWords rather than waging war with the digital world all alone. The presentation was then followed up by the whiteDigital team where we gave illustrative explanations about the Company, the Digital Solutions offered, Perks of being at whiteDigital. Brilliant Case Studies were well explained by our Digital Marketing Manager which provoked the audience to take up the right choices to fulfill their business objectives after a series of quality discussion with us. Meanwhile, Fabian Lazarus, Agency Online Strategist from Genpact, guided the attendees about the only strategy, the Google AdWords strategy, that which can help them achieve prospects the right way, the Google way. Finally, the event dusked with Google’s Digital Lunch and several networking which gave insightful meaning to the event.

Stalwarts of the Google Event


The Aftermath…

Our Google event specially emphasized on unlocking the secrets behind digital excellence for different business verticals (especially Travel & Tourism) through Google AdWords, the only paid and a solid way by Google to get businesses reach the target audience and walk tall among the raging competitors. Needless to say how productive was the presentation & discussions by Google, Genpact and whiteDigital teams that it enabled the great minds to think deep into their business objectives, which eventually made them to opt for Google AdWords solutions. “They are certain to witness business excellence in course of time”, said Google after witnessing the positive responses that affirmatively steeped the chart.

“Long gone are the times with B2B and B2C. Now it’s the era of H2H – Human to Human.” – whiteDigital

The Surprise in the air…

This wasn’t just an event that’s planned overnight and wanes off over day. To make it more memorable and productive for the busy business nerds who paused all their activities for the event, we, the whiteDigital team surprised them with a Lucky Draw “Game of Thrones” that unlocked special treasures to the attendees. The first lucky winner of the Lucky Draw won the opportunity of FREE Google AdWords Campaign Setup & Management with One FREE attractive Landing Page, all worth 11000/- INR ($189). The Second & Third winners won grand prizes which are worth cherished for a lifetime.

Missed the event? No worries!

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