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Avant garde 2015 – Eight Top Trends in Social Media

Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change themselves cannot change anything – George Bernard Shaw.

Digitalization has reduced hours to mere seconds. Time and world has shrunk so much that what’s viral one minute may be pushed to the tenth spot the next. 2014 was the threshold of some imminent developments in the social world. So, what does 2015 have in store for us? To find the answer we went on a virtual hunt and collated some interesting predictions. Read on to know about the eight social media trends that will dominate this year.

1.Static images may get boring :

What goes well with viral? That’s right. video!  Gone are the days where pictures spoke a thousand words. Videos have the ability to make an emotional connect with people. Customers want their brands to connect with them emotionally, to be a part and parcel of their daily life.



2.Facebook ads are going to get expensive:

Facebook is planning to restrict promotional content that appears in the news feed, which would in turn hike ad pricing. The curb in promotional content would make it difficult to meet the marketing demands.It’s going to get expensive and we don’t have a choice other than investing.



3.The next time you are in Twitter, you might be shopping:

You may see your shopping freak friend, sitting glued to the system. Odds are that she may be shopping from your favorite social media.  Twitter and Facebook amazed us with the  beta version of their buy button and it is very obvious that we would be liking,sharing,retweeting and shopping at the same site.



4.There’s going to be more of click, filter, tag and share:

We would see an increase in demand for beautiful photos and captivating hashtags – lots of it. There’ll be a storm in Instagram and people may begin to expect the presence of their favorite brand in their favorite social media.

Word Of Caution: All that glitters is not gold, and all who have DSLRs are not pros 😉



5.You need to get there and do it:

Your brand is not just about your product. People want to give your brand a face and suit (even sweatshirts for that matter). Thanks to Social media, customers are aware of whose making things tick in the background. CEOs and COOs have become more visible and they are related to their brand wherever they go. We would be seeing gentlemen and women coming down from their hot seats to interact directly with their customers.

Customer1: Did you know that your lemon flavor tastes like orange ?

CEO: I didn’t know that. Tell me more!

tell me more1

6.Facebook may become your pays book:

Facebook’s next initiative is to become your VISA card. Social media platforms are in the process of having options to save your card details and process payments for the things that you buy, so that you don’t have to leave the site. This is going to be a revolution that could make your brand’s social media presence imperative and slice down your digital marketing budget.


7.There’ll be lot of new names:

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn may be the Zeus, Poseidon and Hades of the Social world but you’ll see a raise of lot of Percy Jackons and Annabeths. We would see new names like Ello, Vine,YikYak and Tsu carving themselves a share in the social market. It’s good to expect increase in audience engagement.



8.Get ready to swim in 7 oceans of Information:

We are not going to stop with one ocean; we are going to cover all seven. There’s going to be volumes and volumes of data and there would be a nuclear fusion kind of boom in the amount of information that’s gonna travel in the form of bytes. Segregating the useful and junk from the lot is going to be a daunting task in the near future and that is where Big Data would come to our rescue.



There’s a lot more to happen in the virtual world and staying ahead with up-to-date trends would give your business the positive upbeat you expect.

Get geared up for a roller-coaster 2015!

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