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Penguin 3.0: A Punitive Refresh by Google Impacting Less Than 1% of English Search Queries


Earlier this week on October 17th, 2014…

Google rolled out an algorithmic refresh that demotes any website that didn’t honestly respond to the previous iterative Penguin warnings. The refresh affects less than 1% of US English queries at present which impacted huge number of websites that were so lousy to make possible efforts in clearing up the spammy contents, or in other words “noisy data” from their websites.

Google Penguin Chronology & Impact:

Penguin 1.0 – April 24, 2012 (3.1% of searches)

Penguin 1.2 – May 26, 2012 (0.1% of searches)

Penguin 1.3 – October 5, 2012 (0.3% of searches)

Penguin 2.0 – May 22, 2013 (2.3% of searches)

Penguin 2.1 – October 4, 2013 (1% of searches)

Penguin 3.0 – October 17, 2014 (<1% of searches)*

Concept of Google Penguin?

The definitive goal of Google Penguin is to have its battering rams aiming directly on Webspam. Any website having any degree of spams are inevitable to meet its demise through its massive destruction of reputation and rankings. Penguins pour its rage on Spammy Backlinks, Exact Match Anchor Texts, Optimized Anchor Texts, Overly Sponsored Paid Links, and Irrelevant Backlinks.

Update, Refresh? What’s the big deal?

Update: Possible changes that trigger the function of processes by establishing new algorithms.

Refresh: Rerunning an already established algorithm without making any change, maybe after a period of time from its previous iteration.

Google Penguin 3.0 is not precisely an update but a refresh that’s still on the roll out process. Hence a definitive analysis can’t be made unless its wrath over websites across the web dominion comes to an end. Until then there’s going to be constant surges in website traffic and it’s going to be a total disaster at least for a few weeks. Websites that responded to the earlier Penguin iterations witnessed a steep rise in their website traffic and rankings, given more additions to their success factor.

The Voice of Google

Pierre Far, the Google Engineer made his response to the public in a post on Google+ earlier this week of Penguin 3.0 roll out. He stated that it’s a slow roll out that is currently affecting less than 1% of queries in US English search results. And sites that have already wiped out their webspam signals pointed out by the former Penguin iterations can witness a boost in rankings whereas those who remained deaf to the Penguin’s call were crushed and sites with newly discovered spams were demoted. It will take few more weeks for the refresh to complete its sequence.


So what could be these spammy data?

Websites that had their backbone on BlackHat strategies fervently reported that their sites are hit more than anticipated and are now out of the competitive league with a steep drop in their sites rankings. Any websites run on spammy back links that never sought for Bad link removal are now at the verge of falling prey to Google’s abomination, The Google Penalty. As per the recent analysis, the data about the number of sites penalized by Google Penguin refresh is an outcome of the lesson never learned by spammy websites and to promote websites that precisely understood about the former Penguin updates. Needless to say, sites which fell on the newly-discovered-spam radar were as well demoted mercilessly. Although few websites have never witnessed the changes happening around, it doesn’t mean they are on the safer coast, since Penguin refresh is being slowly rolled out worldwide initially impacting less than only 1% of the English search queries.

Self-Assessment Metrics: Are you clean?

Running businesses online? Well, if you don’t want to bring tears to your eyes then it’s high time that you do what’s best for your business websites. Google Penguin 3.0 has its fiery eyes on every nook and corner of the web world constantly checking for webspam and penalizes any that falls on its traps. Opting for an effective Digital Marketing Solution could possibly revoke your websites from the claws of today’s and any future Google refreshes rather than making any temporary fixes through outdated SEOs. A Backlink Audit can do the favor of constantly Monitoring, Protecting and Recovering your website step-by-step even for the long run of your businesses online although Google comes up with updates or refreshes from time to time.


This may not be the end or a beginning as said in movies, but what’s happening now is real and it will continue to be the same till the End of Days. Crouching to hide yourself from these is never going to happen, at least not in the time of Google’s authority over the web. Therefore this is the time to think it over and assess yourself, your strategies and give room for reincarnation thereby not withering away by the rages of future penalties by Google.


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