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Giveaway in Style! The Essential Components of a Successful Giveaway.


  • People who buy products marketed through email spend 138% more than people that do not receive these offers through email
  • 44% of email recipients made at least one purchase in a year based on a promotional email

What does the above statistic mean? Collecting emails from people who are truly interested in your product is a must. Emails pave way for one on one communication with people thereby urging them to try your product. Giveaways are a great way to collect email addresses from Facebook fans as well as other prospective customers/clients. But there are a few components that need to be well optimized to lure people to enter their email.

Your logo

This is the first thing that people recognize when they think of your brand. Be sure to add your logo at the top of the giveaway page. You can link the logo to your homepage so that people after entering the giveaway, if interested can visit your service pages as well.

Compelling title

This is where people decide whether to take part in your giveaway or to leave. The title should tell the viewers the value they are going to get by participating in the giveaway. It is always good to include the prize value in the title. “Get gifts worth $500” is always better than “Get 5 paper lanterns”. A combination of both will also be good “Get 5 paper lanterns worth $500”. But always remember to include the prize value.

Social proof

People won’t be eager to interact with brands that have low number of fans. Show off the number of people who have liked your page using a Facebook like widget. This will immensely increase the credibility of your brand.

Images of prizes

Images are processed quickly by brain than texts. Always include images of the prizes. This will further increase the chances of people participating in your giveaway.

The Form

This is where you get the details from people. Keep it simple as possible. First name and Email will be sufficient in most cases but in some contests like image and video, it is necessary that you should have multiple fields. In short, keep the entry as simple as possible. Get only the required information. Also make sure that this part stands out from the rest of the page.


Assign the end date of your giveaway when you start it and setup a timer indicating the end of the giveaway. Eg: Giveaway ends in 25 days, 12 hours and 30 minutes. This will give a sense of urgency to the viewers, especially during the final days of your giveaway.

Let people share

Give people the option to share your giveaway to social media channels. Also provide extra entries for people who do so. This will make people try for extra entries and hence chances are high that your giveaway goes viral.


Place this section at the last. Ask people why they would love to get these prizes. People who entered the giveaway will most probably reply to this and this will also increase the engagement and credibility. The number of comments in the section will also urge people to enter the giveaway as they will find it credible.

All these components will help in making the giveaway a great success! Have any more components to add? Share your thoughts in comments.

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