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Case Study – Travel XS India

Company profile

Travel-xs.com is an exclusive Indian travel service portal connecting diverse array of travellers all over the world. They have travelxslogodedicated local teams and offices all across India to affirmatively ensure that their tourists cherish their journeys and depart India with treasures of golden memories. Travel-xs.com is recognized by the Ministry of Tourism by the Government of India and they are a member of Global Discovery. They politely and entertainingly guide the tourists to make the most & best out of India; after all, India is a diversified nation with extraordinary people, cultures, flavors and many more that anyone will look in awe.  Travel-xs.com is effectively engaging tourists for more than 15 years and they serve the world like a family, quenched by passionate love and care. They have 7 exemplary tour packages, one of which is the “Kerala Hop On Hop Off (keralahoponhopoff.com)” tour package that is exclusively crafted for tourists to venture horizons in Kerala, the God’s own country.

 Travel XS India – Travel & Tourism – Massive Lead Generation through strategic PPC

The Challenge

Travel-xs.com faced severe challenges in promoting one of their tour packages, “Kerala Hop On Hop Off (keralahoponhopoff.com)”, one of the most demanded packages of all time. The competition was so daring for them, but something hindered their visibility on the SERP. Their PPC campaigns were not that effective and brought in less than anticipated number of visitors with low conversions. Hence all their most spectacular services found a tough time reaching prospective customers worldwide.

Client Requirements

Keralahoponhopoff.com wanted maximum visibility on the SERP with enough room for maximum visitors and maximum conversions. They wanted to promote their marvelous Kerala tour packages very effectively for which it required best appealing landing pages. They wanted to secure the future of their conversions, which required identifying the right landing pages that has the top converting factor or lead generating factor which we were asked to obtain by intuitively performing A/B Testing. To be on top of the SERP, it takes the Quality Score of each keywords being used to pop up the PPC ad. So we were asked to tweak their keywords as per the analytical reports generated. The bottom line of their requirement is maximized conversions, minimized bounces, and maximized ROI.


With our Google Certified Professionals, keralahoponhopoff.com witnessed a drastic progress in their PPC campaigns which resulted in amplified lead generations, increased number of customers, best quality scores with their PPC staging on top of the SERP, and needless to say, maximized ROI!

Initially, we did the insightful consultation of understanding their needs, assessed their market competitions, and observed the surges in their progress, from which we intuitively devised a roadmap to take their business to farther heights in the competitive realm. We created intuitive Landing Pages that emphasized on Kerala tour campaigns with appealing visual effects and well-structured contents. We did exhaustive Keyword Research to uncover the best keyword that has the top Quality Score which sells. We then performed A/B Testing on all of the well-brained landing pages by integrating the right keyword and targeted the desired audience. We analytically assessed which landing page has the best converting factor and derived the results on lead generation, quality scores, etc.


Results were exemplary when compared with their former outcomes. With our result-driven insightful solutions, Keralahoponhopoff.com achieved best conversions. As illustrated in Figure 1, between July 15, 2014 and September 22, 2014 out of 2,085 clicks, Keralahoponhopoff.com PPC campaigns achieved 265 conversions and achieved 12.98% Click Conversion Rate which is predominantly considered as a huge score.


Fig. 1: Analytics on the % of Click Conversion Rate


Fig. 2: Version A – Best Converting Landing Page (Keralahoponhopoff.com)


 Fig. 3: Version B (Keralahoponhopoff.com)

The element that played behind the success of these exemplary conversions is the intuitively implemented Landing Pages that got the best attention from visitors worldwide. Figure 2, which is the Version A, illustrates the Landing Page that brought in the maximum number of conversions drastically over the short span of time. Figure 3, which is the Version B of landing page, scored comparatively low when compared with Version A during A/B testing.


Fig. 4: Quality Score

The intensive keyword research reflected on the landing pages laddering up on top of the SERP (illustrated in Figure 5) due to the keywords’ best Quality Scores of about 7 out of 10 and progressed on an average of 6 (illustrated in Figure 4), thereby achieving widespread visibility and Click Through Rates (CTR).


Fig. 5: Search Listings

Keralahoponhopoff.com witnessed guaranteed conversions in a short epoch of time and served their prospective customers with utmost satisfaction, amazing convenience, flexi-stay experience, at unbeatable prizes. Now, keralahoponhopoff.com is the top globally inspired tour package by Travel-xs.com serving 4 most incredible destinations in Kerala, the God’s own country, the one that is best chosen by travellers worldwide.

Products and services used

  • Keyword Research
  • A/B Testing
  • Landing page optimization
  • Analytics Tracking

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