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Case Study – 82% Increase in Sales – PPC Campaign Management for PartySuppliesNow.com.au

Company profile

PartySuppliesNow.com.au is an Australian eCommerce website that supplies party equipment & products to help friends & families celebrate their special moments, either Birthday or Wedding day or Holidays or any other events, anlogod instill memories that last forever. They ship products worldwide and meet orders in 2 to 5 business days, depending on the customer’s location with 100% money back satisfaction guarantee. PartySuppliesNow.com is the most visited online party store and is recommended by most of the industry’s leading venues and event managers. They support some of Australia’s most leading decoration manufacturing companies.

The Challenge

PartySuppliesNow.com.au is proudly an Australian owned and self-operated eCommerce website. They do have good revenues, but it was not up to their business expectations. They ran PPC campaigns for bringing in more potential traffic with targeted ads, but it wasn’t very productive enough to convert more traffic, although they were supposed to be the top revenue making industry in Australia due to their unique type of services. But what stood between their business objectives and success was their PPC.

Client Requirements

PartySuppliesNow.com.au wanted a productive strategy that can efficiently manage their PPC campaign in a way that takes the prime advantage in amplifying conversions. They wanted to discover the right keywords that direct relevant traffic to their business. They wanted to improve their Quality Score of their website to rank more. They wanted to maximize their ROI by staging PPC campaigns online with the most appealing and simple landing pages for their products that completely alleviate bounce rates.


We had answers to all the requests of PartySuppliesNow.com.au and we served them with solutions by initially consulting them about the stance of their PPC campaigns to understand about their market and competition, with which we defined our objectives. We then performed conversion analysis to uncover the in and out of traffic to their websites and the reasons beneath it. We tracked the efficiency of their keywords and devised a set of keywords that has the highest potential to sell. We designed alluring landing pages with guaranteed user engagement and we performed strenuous A/B testing & Multivariate testing to discover the page that really sells. We optimized the PPC campaigns by intuitively adjusting the bids/budgets depending on the seasonal and other relevant trends in the market. We created a comprehensive report that helps differentiating their existing and optimized PPC campaigns to further plan their business ventures. 



Our strategic solutions triggered the sales of PartySuppliesNow.com.au to 82% which is a massive outcome of our optimized PPC campaigns. They spent around $2k per month for PPC, but the sales were just around $16k between July 12, 2014 and August 9, 2014. After we optimized the PPC, the sales almost doubled the ROI to $30k in just 30 days’ time between August10, 2014 and September 7, 2014.


  • Before Optimization, the revenue made between [Jul 12, 2014 – Aug 9, 2014] was,
    • Ad Spend: $2,030.24
    • Revenue: $16,607.14
  • After Optimization, the revenue made between [Aug 10, 2014 – Sep 7, 2014] was,
    • Ad Spend: $2,182.69
    • Revenue: $30,970.93
    • Increase in Revenue: $14,363.79
    • Increase in ROI: 82%

Ecommerce Conversion Rate:-

  • Before Optimization, the Ecommerce Conversion Rate between [Jul 12, 2014 – Aug 9, 2014] was 0.40%
  • After Optimization, the Ecommerce Conversion Rate between [Aug 10, 2014 – Sep 7, 2014] was 0.62%, which is an increase of 0.22%


  • Before Optimization, the Transactions incurred between [Jul 12, 2014 – Aug 9, 2014] were 175.
  • After Optimization, the Transactions incurred between [Aug 10, 2014 – Sep 7, 2014] were 209, which is an increase of 34.

We topped their conversion rates to 0.62% from 0.40% which is a proof of their amplified revenues. As well as their transactions topped from 175 to 209 with our specially tailored PPC strategies that was able to give a steep rise to the success of their business.

Products and services used

  • Keyword Research
  • On-page optimization
  • Landing page optimization
  • Analytics Tracking

Download a digital version of this case study by clicking Case Study – PartySuppliesNow.com.au

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