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Don’t Miss the Time-Saving Updates Coming Into Google, Facebook & Bing Ads!

Time-Saving Updates Coming Into Google, Facebook & Bing Ads!

I’m extremely glad to share what’s new in the Google, Facebook and Bing Ads every month. In this section, I will cover all of the new updates and integrations released on September that you can implement with less hassle. By adopting these new features in your campaigns you could stay on the top of your account and campaign performance. Try to implement all these changes to increase your ROI. Hope you have implemented the Last month updates.

1. Hoard Your Time With New Bing Reporting Enhancements

This is really a time saving update that would yield you the overall performance of the Bing Ads to your E-mail itself. While you can already download reports from many of the grids on the Account Summary and Campaigns page, you’ll now have the ability to simultaneously save, schedule, and share them, all in one place.

After you click the Download button placed above the grids, you’ll see new Download report options that will allow you to save, schedule and share the scheduled reports with other users via E-mail. You can also view and download the scheduled and saved custom reports from grids in both your Campaigns page and Account Summary page, using Saved Campaign Reports and Saved Account Reports.

Bing Ads Inline Download Options

2. Get Ready For Ads In Facebook Stories 

Facebook has now started to test ads within Stories. You can include Facebook Stories as an additional placement to News Feed or Instagram Stories ad campaigns.

Technically, the Facebook Story ads look as much the same as ads in Instagram Stories. Facebook Story Ads delivers your message in a full screen and immersive environment. There can be 15-second video ads, 5-second image ads, and 45-second Carousel ads wedged between the organic stories. In order to access a landing page, the user will swipe up on a CTA.

You can get all the same targeting and remarketing options as you currently get in the Newsfeeds. Also you can expect the following campaign objectives that already support Instagram Stories: brand awareness, reach, video views, conversions, app installs, traffic, and lead gen. Soon, you’ll be able to extend the reach and improve the performance of story ad campaigns in Messenger too.

Facebook Stories ads

3. Activating Google Signals For Cross-device Conversion Tracking:

Google Analytics rolled out a cross-device tracking feature that assists you to see how often the same users return to the site via different devices. With this innovation you will be able to track the activity of individual users, rather viewing separately by device. As mobile devices have entered the mainstream for serious internet browsing, you can expect many users to visit the site from multiple devices.

With the help of this update, you can show the Cross Device remarketing ads to Google users who have turned on Ads Personalization in their respective Google account.

Activate Google Signals

To activate Google signals, you need edit permission for the relevant property.

  1. Sign in to Google Analytics.
  2. Click GET STARTED in the blue notification banner at the top of the page, or navigate to Property column > Tracking info > Data Collection and follow the prompt in the blue dialog.
  3. Activate Google signals.
  4. Select the properties for which you want to activate Google signals (all properties of the account, this property only, or a specific subset of properties in the account).
  5. Click ACTIVATE if you wish to activate Google signals.

4. New Responsive Display Ads Comes Into Google Ads

Previously, Responsive ads for display allowed advertisers to upload only 2 headlines, 1 image, 1 logo, and 1 description. But the Google’s New Responsive Display Ads allows Advertisers to Upload 15 Images and 5 Headlines. Google will then utilize machine learning to test different combinations and display the ads that work best. Ads will automatically adjust their size, appearance, and format to fit the available ad space.

By using multiple headlines, descriptions, and images Google has estimated 10% more conversions at a similar CPA.

Responsive Display Ads (beta)

5. Google Ads Let Users Enable Call Reporting At The Account Level

This is an important update that doesn’t leave behind any of the potential calls unrecorded. Previously, call reporting had to be enabled individually for each call extension and call-only ad. With this update advertisers can use a toggle to easily enable call reporting across their entire account.

This will eliminate the possibility of having any call extensions or call-only ads without the call reporting feature enabled.

Also take this into consideration: Once account-level call reporting is enabled for the whole account then settings cannot be reverted. The ability to add reporting on a per-extension and per-ad basis will no longer be available after it has been turned on at the account level.

Account level call reporting

6. Google Brings Shoppable Image & Video Ads In Shopping Showcase Ads

This is a latest update brought by Google to engage the users during this festival season.

Showcase ads are the multi-image Shopping format ads that leads to a Google-hosted landing page that features promotions, descriptions and products from the advertiser’s product feed. They typically display on brand and broad queries. Videos are displayed in the featured image position. After clicking on the ad, the video plays in full at the top of the Google-hosted landing page that displays a selection of products from the advertiser’s product feed.

The option is currently available to advertisers already running Showcase Shopping ads.

Google showcase Shopping ads

7. Google Ads’ Exact Match Targeting Now Includes Keywords With Same Meaning

Google Ads has upgraded its exact match targeting capabilities now to include keywords that have the same meaning. Previously, by using exact match, ads were only served when specific words were used. Using machine learning, Google Ads’ exact match will now serve ads that match the intent or meaning of a search.

Google is making this change, because roughly 15% of searches conducted every day are new.

For Example: If you’re using the exact match keyword [news today], your ads may show on other terms like “news for today,” or “news from today”.


These are the major upsides of the newly-added features. These updates are game-changing and hoped to deliver your ads to the right audience. I will update you on the upcoming updates by next month.  Bookmark this page and Stay tuned for more news & updates!!

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