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Six Google Adwords & Facebook Ads updates to implement – Aug, 2018

Responsive Search Ads Enters into Google AdsDear Google & FB Advertisers, It’s now a perfect time to act on the recent updates, if you haven’t taken action yet. I am excited to share with you the remarkable updates in Google & Facebook Ads that happened in August. For all those involved in Google Adwords and FB ads, never miss to act upon the updates. Implement all these new updates in your account to obtain maximum returns. I hope you have implemented the earlier AdWords updates.

1. Adding more text to Google Search Ads

Google allows you to describe yourself more to the users now. Interesting, Right? By utilizing Machine Learning, Google supports advertisers to use 3 headlines and 2 descriptions.

The character limits for the New Text Ads are

Headline 1 & 2:  30 characters

Description: 90 characters

Thus the users may find the ads more helpful, more personalized and relevant to what they are really in need of. Google has estimated that on an average, advertisers who combine machine learning with multiple creatives may see 15% more clicks than usual.

To make it easier to create, you’ll now be able to preview ad combinations as you build them. This resembles how your ads might probably appear in search results. Want to confirm the ad preview? Then you can even browse through them to double-check your work.

2 Headlines & 3 Descriptions Ads

2. ‘Ad strength’ Indicator & Responsive Search Ads Report are stepping in

Google Ads has introduced a new column called “ad strength”. It is a measure of relevance, quantity and diversity for the responsive search ads. The indicator ranges from “Poor” to “Excellent” and provides suggestions such as “Add more headlines.”

Ad strength will be visible in the new Google Ads Interface as a new column when the advertisers create responsive search ads.

Ad strength Indicator

Starting in early September, ad strength was found available as a column in the interface. It will show up in the ad creation interface for responsive search ads over the next few weeks. In the coming months, it will be also available for responsive display ads.

3. Responsive Search Ad Enters into Google Ads

Showing an optimized search ad with the right message to the right audience has the potential to boost the CTR and lower the CPC for Search campaigns.

Here comes the most awaited new Responsive search ad in a beta version. It allows you to create an ad that shows more text and more relevant messages to your customers. These new ad units will allow advertisers to input up to 15 different headlines and 4 descriptions. 

Google Ads AI will automatically test different combinations and learn which combinations perform best.  This is more advantageous than A/B testing and can show up in more relevant searches. If done correctly, this can help your ROAS and reduce waste of ad spend. 

Responsive Search Ads

4. Google Ads Report Editor Now Supports Time Period Comparison

Have you ever felt tired by working with time consuming reports? Then, this update is only for you!!

Google Advertisers can now compare this week’s clicks compared to last weeks. They can visualize month over month data, year over year data, or data from two custom time periods.

Previously, the Google Ads Report Editor could only visualize data for one period at a time. But now with the support for time comparison, advertisers can better visualize their date over one period of time versus another.

Google Ads Report Time Period Comparision

5. Facebook Releases Tools for Creating Mobile Video Ads 

Still looking for separate tools to design your Facebook Ads? Now you can enrich your Business goals by designing Ads right from Facebook Ads Manager.

Facebook has rolled out a set of tools to assist advertisers creating ads for mobile devices. Here are the new video creation tools that will allow advertisers to take still image ads and convert them into mobile-first video ads. This includes converting existing images and text assets into video ads that are optimized for either the Facebook feed or for stories on Facebook and Instagram. 

Facebook Mobile Video Tools

Promoting a product:   A 6-second ad focusing on a key product to generate interest and sales.

Selling multiple products:    A 6-second ad showing a selection of products, promoting special offers, and driving sales.

Showing product benefits:  A 15-second ad highlighting product features, using case studies, or explaining how a product works.

Driving product discovery: A 15-second ad designed to bring a brand to life and share what makes a product unique.

Also, when boosting a post, you can simply select the “animate” option to turn it into a video.

6. Editing can be done from Google Ads Overview Page

Have you ever spend much time in Google Ads Overview page? If your answer is no, then hereafter I hope you’ll never repeat the same. Because, now edits to keywords, ads, campaigns, bids can be made right from the Google Ads Overview page.

Google Ads Overview Page

Take a look at the following edits that can be made to Google Ads:

  • Pause or Enable campaigns, ad groups and keywords
  • Edit campaign budgets
  • Edit keyword and ad group bids
  • Edit ad copy
  • Exclude irrelevant search terms by adding negative keywords right within the “searches” card.


The bigger picture here is that AI and machine learning are becoming more integrated into Google’s advertising platform. These have powerful potential for advertisers using Google Ads in the future. In order to obtain a money-making Google Ads Campaigns, try to adopt all these new updates in your account. Bookmark this page to stay updated!!

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