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Live Updates, Hotel Campaigns and Much More in Google Ads – July 2018 update

Live Updates, Hotel Campaigns and Much More in Google Ads – July 2018 updateThis July 2018, Google & Bing has introduced a variety of new features for advertisers. Google plans every update based on AI and user behavior ensuring better Ad quality and engagement. Online Advertising is an industry in which staying updated to the latest innovations is really significant for getting potential benefits. Implementing the latest Google Ads updates will make sure that your campaigns are up-to-date and perform well.

1. Google is expanding store visitation and local conversions reporting

This is a noteworthy update as Google Advertisers will be able to see in-person visits to their physical stores and other types of offline conversions associated with each business location.

The per-store report shows an estimate of how many people visit your store. It also provides other conversions from shop-specific actions – like phone calls, website visits, getting driving directions and more. Using this information, the advertisers can move their budget around to increase the performance of stores.

Local Conversions Reporting

2. Hotel Campaigns – Google Ads Introduces New Campaign Type for Hotels

This Google Ads update rolled out in mid July 2018 is really a boon for the Hotel advertisers. Hotel Ads have grown to the point where advertisers are in need of a more effective way to manage them in a separate platform independent from other Google Ads Campaigns. Thus Google Ads has introduced a new campaign type specifically designed to help advertisers better manage their hotel ads. Hotel campaigns will offer the following benefits over other Google Ads campaigns:

  • Hotel groups: Organize hotels by important attributes like brand and class.
  • Robust bidding controls: Optimize for bidding dimensions unique to hotels like a traveller’s length of stay or check-in day and audience bidding.
  • Smart bidding: Maximize bookings based on the ROI goal using machine learning.
  • Rich reporting: A responsive interface will be available with the newly redesigned Google Ads.

Google Hotel Campaigns

3. Ad Scheduling: Bing Ads Introduces Scheduled Imports from Google

Bing Ads is continuously rolling out options to manage the Bing Ads Campaigns effectively. As there was an update before few months that the Google Ads Campaigns can be imported to the Bing Ads Campaigns, now Bing Ads has a new and improved feature that allows updating the Bing Ads account.

We can now make changes in Google Ads and schedule to import the changes into Bing after the work is done. The update to Bing Ad’s import feature allows us to schedule and import the changes we done into Bing (monthly, weekly, or daily). This is really a significant update as it saves the time for Advertisers managing both Google and Bing Campaigns.

Scheduled Imports in Bing Ads

4. ML – Initiatives: Google Marketing Live Updates

Google announced machine learning-loaded initiatives at its grand annual advertiser event.

The main updates were regarding fully automated ads and campaigns for Local, Shopping and YouTube Campaigns. The following updates introduced by Google are yet to bring more innovations and are advertiser-friendly.

Google Marketing Live 2018

Responsive search ads:

This is a fully AI powered Automated Ads that involves Machine Learning and will be available soon. Using Responsive Search Ads, we can input up to 15 headlines and 4 description lines, and Google will mix and match the 3 best headlines and 2 best description lines. Google is also changing the specifications for Search Ads. Advertisers can now create up to three 30-character headlines, and two 90-character descriptions.

Mobile Landing Page Speed Score:

Google also announced a landing page speed score metric, which is based on page speed and conversion rates, ranging from ‘very slow’ to ‘extremely fast’ on a 10-point scale. These metrics will be updated daily.

YouTube TrueView Campaign for Reach:

TrueView is an option, where advertisers pay only when an ad is seen. YouTube now allows advertisers to create TrueView campaigns to maximize reach.

YouTube Campaign TrueView for Action:

TrueView for Action drives consumer action by allowing advertisers to place a branded banner tailored to a specific call-to-action button. YouTube embedding form fills directly to videos is helping advertisers reduce as much conversion bounce as possible.

Automated Feed for New Google Shopping:

This update by Google ads now automates the process of creating feed from your website in real-time.

Ecommerce Platform Integrations

We can already synchronize real-time inventory with the Shopify store. Soon, you will be able to manage Smart Shopping right from within Shopify.


These Google Ads updates rolled out in July 2018 have really great features that you need to implement in your Google Ads campaigns for maximum performance. I will update you on the latest Google Ads changes by next month. Bookmark this section and visit us for detailed Google Ads Updates.

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