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June 2017 Google AdWords Updates

June 2017 Google AdWords UpdatesWe bring you the latest updates on Google AdWords as and when Google rolls out. Google plans every update based on AI and user behavior ensuring better Ad quality and engagement. Adapting to the latest Google updates will make sure that your campaigns are up to date and perform well. This June 2017, Google has announced new features that are potentially beneficial to the Advertisers.

1. Google Introduced Expandable AdWords Ads With Carousels on Mobile

Google has introduced a new style of AdWords ad that includes an expandable section which will display an added carousel on the bottom of the ad, when clicked to expand. This format is similar to some carousels we have seen used in AdWords ads, but the difference is these ones cannot be viewed without expanding the section first.

Google Search Ads before Expanding

Here it is unexpanded – you can see the down arrow indicating it can be expanded.

Google Search Ads after Expanding

These ads seem to be in the rotation of ads that Google serves for advertisers, as they don’t show up with every query. They are currently active in multiple countries.

2. A New Option For Headline A/B Testing In A Reverse Order

Google is willing to set aside the manual testing and empower the Artificial Intelligence in Ads. The machine learning-powered systems will figure out the best Ad that wins the auction and correspondingly shows the Ad by mixing the Ad Extensions. A new option is spotted in the AdWords interface as “Create a second ad with headlines in reverse order”. You can just check the box, and automatically create an A/B headline test. This is really an easy option to implement the A/B testing by simply checking the box.

A/B testing in Reverse Order

3. Visual Sitelinks Added To Search Ads

Visual Sitelinks” are image extensions that are displayed in Sitelink Extensions of Google Search Ads in mobile devices. Google has used images in the place of traditional Sitelinks for some AdWords accounts. The Visual Sitelinks is a boon for Ads that can be explained well through images. They are also found to increase the CTR and Quality Score gradually.

Visual Sitelinks

4. Custom in-market audiences for Search Campaigns

In-market audiences are the consumers who are actively researching or comparing products and services across Google Display Network and partner sites. If the In-market audience is targeted in the Campaigns the Business Owners could achieve a huge number of sales due to their researching purchase behavior. In-market audiences, currently only available for Google Display Network and YouTube campaigns, will be soon coming to Search campaigns

The Advertisers will be able to target users based on purchase intent signals in Search campaigns for large number of categories like Apparels, Consumer Electronics, Beauty products and much more.

Custom in-market audiences

5. AdWords Integrates with Google Optimize & Google Surveys 360

The most fruitful news for the Advertisers is the Integration of Google Optimize and Google Surveys 360 with Google AdWords.

Integration of Google AdWords


With the help of Optimize Advertisers will be able to create and test landing page in Campaign, Ad group and Keyword level and deploy consumer surveys to Remarketing lists. The testing result ties up with Google Analytics. This is an advantageous update as the users can simply drag and drop page elements in a visual editor without using the developer resources or by editing raw HTML.

Google Surveys 360

Google Surveys 360 is a paid solution that is a part of the Analytics 360. With the Surveys 360 and AdWords integration, marketers can target surveys to their remarketing lists to learn more about why those consumers reacted to their marketing efforts, including their ads and Landing pages.

6. Shopping ads on GDN networks

Shopping Campaigns which were once a part of Search Campaign is now on the GDN. This transformation is named by Google as a pilot project dubbed as “Retail Shopping on Display”. Usually buying clothes, apparel or house ware concerns with a visual experience. The customers need to see something with their own eyes before they are ready to buy.

Google announced the Retail Shopping on Display in an email sent directly to AdWords users and marketers. The email said that AdWords users who are a part of the pilot project will be able to “expand the reach of their Shopping Campaigns beyond the Google Search Network. Google explained that shopping ads will, “appear on a handful of selected, premium fashion and home decor sites for this pilot.” We could see this update as a pioneering benefit on the way of forthcoming changes in the Shopping Campaigns.

Shopping ads on GDN networks


These are really great features and you need to implement in your AdWords campaigns for maximum performance. I will update you on the latest Google AdWords changes by next month. Bookmark this section and visit us for detailed Google AdWords Updates. As always, we’ll have the latest info as it comes!

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